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The Capital Area Erosion Control Network (CAECN) is an informal group of professionals involved in erosion and sediment control in the Austin and Central Texas area. The group is made up of folks from environmental, geotechnical, and civil backgrounds. The group includes engineers, product suppliers, regulatory agencies, municipal government representatives and contractors. There are no dues or officers.

The group formed January 2004 with the goal of meeting twice a month during the lunch hour (brown bag) and listening to an ESC technical presentation. The time can be counted toward the engineer's PDH credits. The meeting rooms are rotated among TxDOT, TCEQ, City of Austin and LCRA meeting rooms that are provided at no cost to the group. The group could not survive without this generous donation. The group includes members of the South Central IECA chapter and encourages membership and participation.

About the Brown Bag Sessions
The meetings are intended to be constructive, educational, and relaxed in tone. The spirit of the group is one of open sharing and discussion in a courteous and professional manner. The goal is to cooperatively build upon the experiences of all the members. The brownbag luncheon meetings are held at no charge due to the gracious sponsors that donate meeting room space, cokes and bottled water. Since the room sponsors are governmental agencies, the content of the meetings cannot take on any semblance of a "political agenda" or grievance session. We cannot afford to loose these generous sponsors. The attendees "code of conduct" should support this positive educational environment. Attendees should not be combative or hostile with the guest speaker. Attendees should allow time for others in the group to ask questions. Extended technical discussions with the speaker should be held after the brown bag session. This venue should be a safe environment for the speakers who are taking time to take a risk and get infront of a professional group of peers to review a particular product, case study or regulatory issue. These general "rules of the road" are suggested to help keep the meetings constructive, educational, and relaxed in tone.


Capital Area Erosion Control Network and Sustainable Site Designs
(free training/discussion sessions)

Please let me know if you would like to make a presentation, or if you have a topic of interest you would like to learn about.


The Sustainable Sites Initiative: Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks 2009


February 7, 2013 Thursday (approximately 11:34 to 12:48, the “regular times”)

TerreWalk permeable paver system

Roger Tadlock, MKM
Lloyd Sommers

TCEQ Headquarters “Park 35” complex; Bldg B 201A (the regular room) location map

NOTE: APRIL 17 - ACEA Symposium

Central Texas Infrastructure Design & Construction Symposium
Austin Convention Center
8 am – 5 pm
Registration available soon!

Michele Yule
ACEA Executive Director
Austin Contractors & Engineers Assoc.
3636 Executive Center Drive, G40
Austin, Texas 78731


2013 - (starting our 10th year….hurray)

Date = Feb 15
Topic = COA Watershed Protection Ordinance – preview and discussion
Location = COA OTC 325
Speaker = Matt Hollon, COA

Date = Feb 28
Topic = Stream Data collection forms – The COA-WPD may be starting a new program to help collect fluvial data at certain locations
Location – COA-OTC-325
Speaker = Nathan Leber, COA-WPD

Date = March 6
Topic =TBD
Location = TCEQ Bldg B 201A (the regular room…)
Speaker = TBD

Date = TBD (maybe March 28)
Topic = Riparian Systems – Part 2
Location = TBD (probably COA OTC 325)
Speaker = Sky Jones-Lewey; Nueces River Authority

Date = TBD
Topic = AquaBlok (bentonite sealing techniques)
Location = TBD
Speakers = Kevin VanTuyl, 314-740-0359
Grant Crawford, (512) 350-6598, GeoSolutions, Austin

Date = TBD
Topic = Permaculture, Earthworks, and Water - More About Insoak
Location = TCEQ Bldg B 201A (the regular room…)
Speaker = Dick Pierce;
Cell-512-992-8858 (all-seasons)

Date = TBD
Topic = UPDATES and Reminders on the Edwards Aquifer Program
Speaker = Heather Bettty

Date = TBD
Topic = Updates regarding EPA and 280 NTU ELG court ruling.
Updates re TCEQ’s Construction General Permit, TPDES.
Location = TBD

Date = TBD (mid April?)
Topic = Geogrids by Hanes Geocompsites
Speaker = John T. Promise, Mack Malone


CESSWI training and exam
For more information contact Jimmy Eanes, CPESC, CESSWI
EnviroTrain, LLC; 2135 St. Andrew Dr.; Highland Village, TX 75077

CPESC training and exam – none scheduled at this time…
Andy Johnston can proctor individual CPESC exams (512-777-4562)
NOTE: Jay Campbell and Cezary Saxon (Loomis Partners) both passed their CPESC exam.

CISEC training and exam
Please contact if you would like more info.


The Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forums website provides access to a variety of LID Resources, including registered LID projects and LWS Forums located around the state:

  • Central Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forum (operational and will be announcing educational programming soon)
  • North Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forum (currently running the North Texas LID Design Competition based on the successful Houston model)
  • San Antonio Land/Water Sustainability Forum (in formative stages)
  • The Houston Land/Water Sustainability Forum (operational since 2008) can be reached from the Texas LWS site, or directly at

Bob Adair, 832.456.1000
Northwest Arkansas International Erosion Control Network
Jennifer Bonner, City of Rogers, Arkansas 72756, Phone: 479-621-1186

Linked In
(thank you Wesley…)
“Please remind everyone that CAECN has a Group on LinkedIn. I updated the meeting information from your emails, so they can find it in the Discussion section. It should pop up if they search for Capital Area Erosion Control Network.

Here is how I described the group on the website:
CAECN is an ad hoc group of engineers, scientists, and vendors who meet to discuss erosion and sediment control issues in central Texas. The group has been meeting for over 5 years and the group has been recognized by IECA at its 2009 national convention. Meetings are held bi-monthly and rotate between space at the City of Austin, TxDOT, TCEQ, LCRA and the City of Round Rock.”

Wesley R. Young, PE, CFM
Water Resources Manager

John McCullah has donated some copies of his DIRT TIME DVDs to the group - we have set up a "check out list" like at Library (person A can borrow a copy for X time and then return it later for person B to use, etc)

Season 1, Disk 1 - hydromulch, ECB, sediment ponds
S1, D2 - silt fence, wattles, polymers
S1, D3 streambank stabilization
Season 2, Disk 1 riverbanks, coir blocks, rolls, geobags, woody debris, rock riprap
S2, D2 streambank, landslide repair, poles, brush layers, rock vanes, monitoring

Come to the meetings and I will have these DVDs in a box up front for you to review and make your selections

Thank you John (800) 403-0474

Please recall that our Capital Area Erosion meetings can be counted as 1.0 PDH credit toward annual PE registration requirements (Honor system)

Thank you to COA, TxDOT, TCEQ, and City of Round Rock for donating free meeting room space so we can have these technical meetings. And thank you to everyone for taking time from work to attend these brown bag sessions.

Thank you to Hanes GeoComponents (formerly Lone Star GeoProducts) for providing soft drinks.
Mack Malone, Branch Manager, (512) 653-1777,
Matt Koether (512) 670-2035,

Hope you can attend this free AUSTIN brown bag training session (please fwd this to others who may be interested)

Please pass this information along to others. Thanks!

Andy Johnston, PE, CPESC, CFM
Halff & Associates, Inc.

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